Oak briquette

Oak briquette
Having an appropriate machine park, we decided to produce high-quality oak briquettes. If you are thinking about alternative heat sources, it is worth considering buying a briquette.
What is an oak briquette?
It is a combination of oak sawdust pressed under high pressure. The compact structure presents itself in the shape of a cylinder.

brykiet debowy

Technical parameters:
- calorific value: 18,800 kJ/kg
- heat of combustion: 20,000 kJ/kg
- humidity: 7%
- ash content: 0.30%

Heating fireplaces, solid fuel stoves, tile stoves, central heating boilers Solid fuel heating devices.

We offer oak briquettes in 25 kg bags. We deliver tightly packed to the customer within a radius of 20 km from our factory.
1 ton = 40 bags of 25 kg.
0.5 ton = 20 bags of 25 kg

Depending on the ordered amount of briquette - prices are set individually with the customer.


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